Brittany Markert (b.1987, Torrance, CA) is an artist who specializes in black-and-white darkroom photography. She is a completely self-taught photographer and printer. 

Brittany received her B.S in Mathematics from Santa Clara University in 2010. In the winter of 2011, she began photographing her first project, In Rooms. Since 2014 it has taken form as an ongoing narrative documenting a surreal adaptation of her most vibrant thoughts, memories, and dreams.

Selected Exhibitions

2015 Magica Sexualis, Stephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015 Lexicon Infernali, Stephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015 Opus Hypnagogia, Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn, NY

2015 Selfie, Brandts Museum, Odense, Denmark

2014 Dreams & Hallucinations, VT

2014 Visual Narratives, Center for Fine Art Photography, CO

2013 Nudes, Reverse Gallery, NY 

2013 In Rooms, Fuchs Projects, NY

2013 Fountain Art Fair, Armory, NY

2012 Lost Souls, Outlet Gallery, NY

2012 Women on Women, Gallery Parallax, AZ

2012 Groundline, Grit N’ Glory, NY


Vandals Magazine. Issue 0 62nd Floor Art-Zine. Issue 5, pgs 12-17 2012

Anonym Magazine, Issue 13, pgs 14-19, 2012


Works held in private collections in the United States, Germany, France, Norway, Australia, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom & New Zealand